Rambam - An Introduction to One of the Most Intriguing Thinkers in Jewish History
Wednesdays | beginning October 18 | 6:30–7:45 pm | 10 sessions
Rabbi Shmuel Afek

R’ Moshe ben Maimon (otherwise known as Maimonides or Rambam) is one of the foremost – if not the foremost – Jewish thinkers since the canonization of the Talmud. His literary work covers both Halachah and philosophy; his ideas and innovations changed the Jewish world almost a thousand years ago and continue to exert significant influence on Jewish thinkers today. In this course we will study a few of his texts to learn how Rambam thinks about fundamental concepts in Jewish life: how to read sacred texts that contradict our rational thinking; how to think about the relationship between this world and the world to come; the thirteen principles of faith.
The text study will be in English. Texts will be taken from Twersky’s Maimonides Reader and Epistles of Maimonides (Halkin and Hartman).
Prerequisite: Completion of Melton or Context core program.
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